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Wholesale Policy
While we do offer additional discounts to Professional Builders and Tackle Shops, we do require business
documentation to receive discounts in order to protect our PROFESSIONAL customers.  

Why?  Because the supply house protecting their licensed professional customers who have taken the time to
educate themselves on their craft, collect and pay taxes on their work and possess the appropriate insurance.
Those professionals count on the extra discount percentage that they receive on their supplies as profit to help
cover the associated overhead costs involved with being legal.  Quite honestly, WE don't mind paying retail
because we understand why it needs to happen that way.

We are not in the business of supplying underground businesses that avoid things like taxes, nor are we interested
in providing deep discounts to people who simply possess a business license or tax ID number of some sort and
want to make some rods.

While this policy upsets some, the builders and shops who are following the rules appreciate it. As we do when our
vendors don't sell to the general public, protecting those who have shops for the public
What We Require
  • Current copy of your Business License *from your city * that is TACKLE RELATED
  • Current copy of your Resale License or Tax Exempt certificate issued by your County or State that is the
    same name as your business license.  
  • Copy of FEIN Registration or EIN/Federal Tax ID number

We realize that not all States require all of the above, however the Federal Government DOES require tax
registration for legal builders, as you are required to collect and pay a Federal Sportfishing Excise Tax on the rods
you construct.  If your State DOESN'T require all of the above (most do), please forward the documentation that you
do have by email to   Please note that sending all documents will provide you with the
fastest possible processing.  Applicants who do not possess all documents will have to wait while we research
your State or County's policies to qualify  your discount.  Not all cities require you to have a license where you sell
your product, but I'm finding out most do b/c when you file and pay your sales and use tax, a portion of the sales tax
YOU pay, goes to your city as well!
We will trade emails with you on the structure of our discounting.
Please send us your tax paperwork to begin the process!
Wholesale orders are to be placed online, just as you would a "retail" order.  The prices shown in the
cart will reflect the same prices seen on  By simply adding the text "Wholesale
Customer" into the comments box at checkout, we will verify the account, then apply the wholesale
discounts BEFORE the order is processed or your card is charged.  Upon hitting the "Submit" button at
checkout, an automated order confirmation will  be sent you your email address.  This confirmation will
not reflect the wholesale pricing, but only serves to let you know that we've received the order.  If you
don't see a confirmation email shortly after ordering, please check your spam folder.

when you checkout, using the drop down credit card menu, you will use "MONEY ORDER" as your form
of payment so the order goes through but nothing is charged till I do it manually
For many years we never held our customers to any minimums because the economy was so strained
but now that we have a good economy going, we want your opening order with us to be at least $100
after discounting.  For the year, we'd ask that you do at least $1,000 with us.  One way to get there is to
always look to fill your stock up when ordering.