Decorative Weaving
Lettering, Cartoons and other patterns
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Photo courtesy of "The Dragon Master" Jim Upton
Doc Ski Weaving Patterns
Fish Patterns
Albacore - Queenfish (A-Q) Click Here
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A Guide To Thread Weaving
By Jim Upton
Visual Weave/Wrap
Weaving Pattern Software
The "Dragon Master" and inventor
of the Wonder Weaver, Jim Upton
explains the process of thread
weaving with text, photos and
Rainbow Runner - Yellowtail (R-Z) Click Here
This long awaited 82 page book by Billy Vivona is a must have for those who want to take
their decorative wraps to the next level and beyond. This well written guide covers layout,
Spacing, Pattern Selection and Sizing, Thread Selection, Shading and Fading, Wrapping,
Packing, Tie Offs and Finishing. Also included are over 100 patterns and time saving
Thread Spacing Charts. It's all here as well as tips to using VISUALWRAP software. The
Decorative Wraps book is Spiral Bound so it will easily lay flat on your wrapping bench.