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VisualWRAP is Cross Wrap Design Software for Custom Rod Builders.
The software lets you Design, View, Edit and Share Your Cross Wrap patterns

System Requirements
  • Windows 95, XP  
  • MS Internet Explorer
    Note: Not compatible with all versions of Windows Vista
software will adjust with new Windows software that is available

Main Features
• Build new cross wrap patterns based on a “common language” introduced by Dale Clemens in his book “Custom Rod Thread  Art”

• View patterns wrapping thread-by-thread on the screen. This allows you to analyse and understand how each pattern forms,
something that is very difficult to visualise when just reading from a book.

• 3D viewer shows each pattern on a realistic “virtual rod”. The 3D viewer is fully interactive, allowing you to spin and rotate the rod for
viewing from any angle.

• Print true-to-size. This lets you see how the pattern is going to look on your rod in a fraction of the time it would take to actually wrap it
(minutes instead of hours).

• Spacing calculation feature tells you what the layout spacings should be, taking into account rod size and taper.

• Supported by website   with links to tutorials and useful downloads, including a pattern library of over a
hundred patterns available
VisualWEAVE is new Weave Design Software for Custom Rod Builders.  
It is designed to make the job of creating grid patterns and Left Lists for weaving as simple as possible.  The software allows you to easily
load an image file, create a grid pattern, and create a left list

VisualWEAVE is from David Boyle, author of the VisualWRAP Cross Wrap Design Software.  It draws on the author’s extensive experience in writing and
supporting software written specifically for Custom Rod Builders, and incorporates ideas and suggestions drawn from many of the leading practitioners of
the art of weaving.

System Requirements
Windows XP or Vista
software will adjust with new Windows software that is available

Main Features
  • Import image files from photos, scans etc (bmp, jpg, etc) or start with a blank grid.

  • Automatically create a grid pattern from an imported image.

  • Choice of ‘Simple’ or ‘Advanced’ sizing modes.  Simple sizing allows you to specify the number of rows & columns.  Advanced sizing takes into
    account the size of the rod, thread sizes and desired finished pattern size to suggest a resulting grid size.

  • Auto color-matching.  The software chooses the closest available thread colours to match the colors in the original image.

  • Palette-limiting.  This allows you to select which thread colors the software can use in the grid pattern.

  • Preloaded with typical thread colours from known manufacturers.

  • Grid editing tools for easy manipulation of the grid image (freehand paint, outline, block, fill, erase, swap, undo).

  • Ability to underlay the original image beneath the grid for comparison or pattern tracing.

  • Ability to print nicknames along with colors.

  • Advanced printing options allow you to change the shape of the printed grid cell, making it easier to weave directly from the printed grid.  
    Traditional software only lets you print rectangular grid cells.

  • Advanced layer handling, allowing you to specify which threads appear on which layers.

  • Automatic Left List creation.

  • Save projects for loading and/or editing at a later time.

  • Help files

Decorative Wraps by Billy Vivona
Be aware when you purchase Visual Wrap/Visual Weave products, you will now be
given a unique download code, I will mail you the book if you order a package.  

Just as with most software and books, these items are non-refundable.  Please make
sure you really want this or that your computer will accept it before you buy