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Miscellaneous Tools
Electric Heat Gun Dual Temp.
Great for a variety of rod building tasks including shrink tube grips, breaking bubbles in fresh finish coats, softening old finish for removal, removing gimbals, reel seats, etc.... 1200W 120V 60hz 375 and 495 degree settings. Hi/Lo fan speeds. This Heat gun features a cool touch double insulated housing (2 prong plug). Low noise design.
Scuffing  Pads
Used for blank prep prior to gluing up reel seats & grips as well as for
abrading cured guide or blank finish prior to re-coating.  
6"X 9" Pads are sold by the "each".

MAROON - Very Fine, for scuffing blanks prior to handle assembly.
GREY - Ultra Fine, for finish preparation                              
$2.20 ea.
Morton Guide Graph
Renzetti Vertical Spine Finder
This unique tool takes the guess work
out of guide placement.  Mount to a
piece of 1/4" pegboard, place the blanks
tip in the adjustable tip holder and adjust
to the lines on the chart.  Your blank's
guide layout is easily transferred from
the chart to your blank.  Can be used in
conjunction with the Vertical Spine
Finder to the left.
Ball Bearing spine finder is easy to use.  
Simply place the blank's butt on the bearing
cone, push down on the blank's tip and the
blank will swing around onto it's natural
arch.  Can be used with or without the Guide
Graph to the right.
Rod Lettering Pens & Replacement Tips
USA Made Extra Fine Point Pen (comes with a
replaceable tip) with 6-1/2" Handle.  We've tried
MANY different styles of tips and have found these to
produce the best results for signing rods when used
with Acrylic Inks.
USA Made Extra Fine Point  
replaceable tip
Diamond Cutoff Wheel
1-5/8" Diameter Diamond Coated
aluminum disc makes clean work of
trimming glass & graphite blanks.  
Deeper cutting depth than most
"rotary tool" abrasive cutting wheels,
plus these don't shatter!.  Includes
1/8" diameter mandrel.
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• Magnification Varies from 1.5x to 10.5x
with 2 Lens & Loupe:
- Fixed Lens: 1.5x
- Flip Lens: 1.5x
- Loupe: 7.5x
• Lens Dimensions: 3-1/2” x 1-1/8”
• Extra Loupe Dia: 1-1/4”
• Multi-Coated Acrylic Lens
Requires 2 AAA Batteries - Not included
Lighted Multi-Lens Headband Magnifier