Madeira Poly Neon Thread Card
Actual thread samples of the eight color panels shown above.  
Folds out from a 4" X 9" book.
Madeira PolyNeon Threads
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Fishhawk 4oz Black A & D
Pac Bay Rodsmith 4oz Black
Fuji’s new “SPEED THREADER” is the slickest little tool you could have. Use
it one time and you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it in the age of
micro-guides. You can literally do it with your eyes closed in under a minute.
Looks like a bent piece of wire but you’ll be facisnated by the thought and
engineering that went into this item. Works at the bench of course, but is
equally useful when re-rigging a rod in rolling seas, a rain squall or even in
the dark of night. Complete stainless construction, packed in a waterproof
tube that floats. Works on micros down to 3.5 mm.  By the way, it also makes
short work of pulling your line through the tiny pawl guide on the front of your
baitcasting reels
Fish Hawk Threads