Shipping & FAQ
Order Value
US Dollars
Shipping Charge
to *
Continental US*
$0 - $25.00
$25.01 - $50.00
$50.01 - $75.00
$75.01 - $100.00
$100.01 - $139.99
$140.00 - $200.00
$200.01 - $300.00
Over $300
Blank Oversize Fees

One piece Blanks 6'6"  - 7'11"  - add $10.00
One piece Blanks 8'  - 8'6"  - add $12.00

Multiple blanks that can be shipped in the
same package will only be charge ONE fee for
the package, not per blank.

This fee will be added at the time of

9' blanks are normally cut to 8'10" by the
mfg for shipping. 9' and 10' are only avail
if we are able to pickup from mfg and you
can pick them up from us.

* if you order a blank using a CC, you're
authorizing us to charge the xtra fee at
shipping time if you do not add it from the
blank page you purchased from. paypal
orders will be billed the Xtra fee.
Order Processing
Allow 2-5 business days for processing.
Orders are processed and shipped Monday-Friday  If you used PAYPAL for payment we will invoice
you via paypal for the overage if you ordered a blank and forgot to put the overage in your cart.

Back Orders
Customers will be notified of any out of stocks or shortages ASAP.  Our Website is not live inventory.
Customers may either cancel back ordered items from the order if they choose.  We will do our best
to provide you with an ETA on back ordered parts at this time. We do NOT charge to ship back
orders. MFG back orders can sometimes be frustrating but something we also cannot control we
WILL do our best to keep you informed.

Shipping Insurance
Customer may add shipping insurance here.  Lost or damaged packages must be reported
immediately for a claim. Only insured packages can have a claim filed. Delivery delays are not C&M's
liability. Packages that have been lost or damaged in shipping that are not insured, no claim will be

Orders over $100
Add $7.00

International Shipping
Shipping charges are billed during shipping process using current USPS rate chart or UPS chart. CC
orders will have charges billed manually by us.  PAYPAL users will have their charges billed as a
paypal invoice. Charges are based on
weight ONLY.
Maximum International package length is 42" for shipments going USPS. This includes
first class shipping is up to 5 lbs. We normally ship first class under 5 lbs. If you prefer Priority Please
inquire as to the cost.  
All Customs and Duty expenses are paid by the recipient.

We do encourage you to please ask about shipping before ordering..

If you place an order for a one piece blank we will pack it up and bill you for the shipping, assuming
you have read this shipping page. ANYTHING over 42" in length
MUST ship UPS.  

Orders need to go complete. If we don’t have something we will communicate this to you to make a
decision on any changes. We WILL work with you on any issue to get you what you need.

All charges are based on weight so if you can, please give me an idea of what you'd like to purchase.

We are not in contact with any country’s customs offices. You can go to WWW.USPS.COM at any time, input the
tracking # we provided to you.  This is the same information we see. Once the carriers take control of it, we have no
control over how long it takes to get to you. First class to any country could take up to 6 wks.  Every 1st class package
over $20 is insured going out the door.

 if you do not inquire first about shipping and do not read this page about how we must do
shipping, and cancel your order, you will get your $ back less 15% cancellation fee as well as 1% of the
subtotal as that is a fee our gateway charges per order, we don't get that back.  We have already packed
this order up and are waiting on the shipping invoice to be paid. We cannot allow the prices to be dictated
or negotiated. We do not inflate the prices of shipping they are what they are, but they are fair. Thank You.
Please be aware we are a small mom and pop shop. We never want anyone to think we are otherwise. We can a little
slower than the other guys for that same reason
, although we strive not to be.  Sometimes we can’t always answer the
phone, sometimes you are
in line behind someone else we may be helping.  We will get the orders out the door as fast
as we can but
accuracy is always a priority over quickness.

We really do try to help everyone. We understand emergencies.. Email me, call, tell me what you need.  We will do
our absolute best to try and help you on a regular basis AND in an emergency..we’ll let you know if we are waiting for
something and when it's expected IF we know. We also take care of a walk in counter for the locals!  Thank you in
advance for your patience and understanding but more important, Thank you for your order!
Please be aware that we do NOT sell built
fishing rods. You want to build a rod? We sell
what you need to build it yourself.
Bottom of page.
Do You stock everything on your site?

We used to.  Wtih a struggling economy that is affecting everyone, we have scaled down a bit what we carry.  
We carry 95%  (or more) of the components you see unless there is a manufacturer issue (like hypalon)
titanium guides are also hard to let 'sit' but I order them the minute we get an order for it.  Being a small shop we
are constantly placing orders and refilling stock, I TRY never to be out of something for long.
Blanks  --  I do not carry a full line of any blank.  Most manufactuers like Phenix I can get within a few days
they are  local.   United Composites and Cousins are a short wait if any, and Calstar at this time is running
behind. Pacific Bay Blanks, I try to stock what you see on the website.

Why aren't you open 7 days a week or at night:

We are a custom shop and we are open Mon thru Fri and every other Saturday or check the website
for more info.

We cannot work 7 days a week. Like anyone, we do need a day off sometimes.  The Mom and
Pop shops of the world work hard and we do hope to try to accommodate you if you can't be around during the
hours we are open.. Just ask, we live close by!  

Do you wrap or repair rods on site?

No, we do not do either.  We supply everything you need to build your own.  We sell whatever parts you need to
repair your own but we don't do it here.  We can recommend shops or builders if you'd like but we do
not do it here.

Do you sell Fishing Licenses and/or Bait?

No, we do not.  Kenny's Rod and Reel in Upland sells bait, Walmart and other stores sell it too.  We aren't your
typical tackle shop
. We are a custom shop. We have tried to get the search engines to take us out of the catergory
of selling bait.
Free Shipping!!  For United States Only.

Blank overage still applies, put it in your cart on the blank page you're on. I
will bill you for it if you do forget, blank will not go out until payment is
received via paypal. CC users, I will bill your CC that amount before shipping
if item is left out.

Blanks that I am waiting for from Mfg will be shipped as soon as I receive
them if they are not on hand. Calstar and the continued wait still stands. i will
ship for free + overage when blank is received if you want to wait.

Wholesale customers when placing orders online use MONEY ORDER in the
drop down menu in the CC section of checkout to place your order. order is
not paid for.  We will still process your order a a continued discounted
shipping price as always but free shipping plus disc does not apply.

Backorders from myself or manufacturers will be sent out free as soon as
item is received if we are to run out of stock.  Thank You for shopping with
small business as always!