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Alconite is Fuji's lightest insert ring. When combined with the lightweight New Guide Concept
frame the results are unparalleled.... 35% lighter and up to 50% stronger than ordinary guides.
Aluminum Oxide & Hialoy
& Tops
Special grade Hard Aluminum Oxide Rings.
Designed to take on the rigors of most any kind of fishing while remaining more than 30% lighter
than a standard Heavy Duty Guide. Strong enough to stand up to wire lines & Super Braids.
The strongest ring material available. SIC rings will stand up to wire as well as Spectra lines.
Corrosion Proof
Recoil Casting,  
Spinning & Stripping
Micro Guides
Fuji’s new “SPEED THREADER” is the slickest little tool you could have. Use
it one time and you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it in the age of
micro-guides. You can literally do it with your eyes closed in under a minute.
Looks like a bent piece of wire but you’ll be facisnated by the thought and
Flex Coat T2 tip/top adhesive
Hot melt adhesive for building and repairing rods. High Strength Easy to use Fast Flexible
Flex Coat J2 Guide Foot Adhesive
Hot melt adhesive for temporarily attaching guides to blanks or underwraps before wrapping. Also, cushions guide against blank when no underwrap is used. High Strength Easy to use Fast Flexible
SIZES - Two dimensions are needed to order the correct Tip Top.  These are the "Ring" and "Tube"