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Griffin Superior 1A Vise
The 1A vise features a fixed head and
a solid 3/8" shaft.  This is Griffin's entry
model and it features a one-year
warranty. Made in the USA.

1A Vise with pedestal
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Griffin Montana Pro II Kit
This new addition to the Griffin line of quality vises has
been expertly designed for ease of operation and
quickness of the cam lever hook release. The cam lever
can be locked in a forward or backward position, allowing
more clearance while tying. Ideal for pro tyers and
beginners. The tempered steel jaws will firmly grip hooks
ranging form 22-7/0's. Lifetime warranty. Made in the USA.

MT Pro vise with pedestal and carrying case.
1-MT Pro vise w/pedestal
1-Standard Scissor
1-Supreme Bobbin
1-Regular Hair Evener
1-Regular Hackle Plier
1-Rotating Whipfinisher

$119.90  SALE $83.93
Griffin’s pedestal may be used with any
vise using a 3/8” stem. It is constructed
of heavy steel weighing approximately
4 lbs. It has a rubber pad on the
bottom to protect against scratching
the family heirloom table.

$27.10 SALE $18.97
Griffin Precision Thread Shears
For the tyer who wants one all-purpose
scissor, this model offers the same extra fine
point for precise trimming. In addition, the
comfortable, closed plastic finger loops
make for precise control during use.
Griffin Thread Bobbins
Quality U.S. made Stainless Steel Bobbins
with flared infeed ends
Standard for
100/200YD Spools
$7.85 SALE $5.49  
Deluxe with Ceramic feed
for 1oz. Spools
Clear illustrations and photos (83)
show you how to tie all 290 patterns in
the book which are shown in full color
and large size with tying instructions
adjacent to each. Best-producing
North American flies, including most
popular dry, nymph, wet, streamer and
bucktail, steelhead, Atlantic salmon,
Pacific salmon, cutthroat, Alaskan,
saltwater, bass, and panfish patterns.
Color plates of tying materials,
including fur, hackle, thread, etc.

Fly pattern index. Fishing tips for most
patterns. Printed on heavy, gloss
paper stock. Bound for easy opening.
8 1/2 x 11 Inches, 48 Pages, All color,
$9.95 SALE $6.97
Now in its 22nd printing, the original
Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple has
remained among the top-selling
fly-tying books for 18 years.  This
follow-up volume, Fly Tying Made
Clear and Simple II, takes off where the
original ends, sharing advanced
fly-tying techniques demonstrated in
simple steps with concise instructions,
lots of color photographs, and
strategies for improving your skills and
overcoming problems.

You'll also learn to tie highly effective
flies, such as the lifelike Anatomical
Green Drake, ultra-popular Copper
John, and assortment of deadly
emerger-flies, the Bitch Creek with its
intriguing woven body, and a current
version of the surreal Chernobyl Ant
that's taken so many big trout.   8.5 x
11 Inches, 148 Pages, All Color.
$24.95 SALE $17.47
Simply stated, this book is a
Federation of Fly Fishers' conclave
taken to the next level, a level that
allows the reader to enjoy the learning
and sharing in the comfort of their own
home. The flies, ideas, and techniques
shared herein are from the "best of the
best" demonstration fly tiers North
America has to offer. The tiers are the
famous, as well as the unknown, and
with one simple characteristic in
common; they freely share their
knowledge. Many of the unpublished
patterns in this book contain materials,
tips, tricks, or gems of information
never before seen.

As you leaf through these pages, you
will get from them just what you would if
you spent time in the fly tying area of
any "FFF" function. At such a show, if
you dedicate time to observing the
individual tiers, you can learn the
information, tips, or tricks they are
demonstrating. This knowledge is
within this book, you just need to take
the time to bring each gem to the

Randall Kaufmann may have said it
best in the introductory chapter to his
book, Tying Dry Flies:---The
Federation of Fly Fishers conclave
presents the best array of tyers
possible under one roof.---

This book offers patterns for every
type of fly fishing. It's only fair that it
should. The Federation fo Fly Fishers
supports fly fishing efforts for all types
of fish in all types of waters.

The royalties from the sale of this book
will be used to support the ongoing
efforts of the Federation of Fly
Fishers. Our mission is to Conserve,
Restore and Educate through Fly

All of this knowledge can be found in
Federation of Fly Fishers Fly Pattern
Encyclopedia so get comfortable and
get ready to improve upon your fly
tying technique with the help of some
of North America's best fly tiers.

8 1/2 x 11 inches, all color 227 pages.
$39.95 SALE $27.97
Whether they use one or not, most
tiers do not understand the full
potential of a rotary vise--including
many of the leading fly tiers in the
industry.  Most tiers are still just using
them to see the bottom of the flies they
are tying, but their uses and
advantages go far beyond this.  

Now with this book, the Beattys share
their decades of experience and
knowledge to unlock the mystery
behind this type of vise and you won't
believe what you have been missing.  
Rotary Fly-Tying's main objectives are
to explore a sampling of true rotary
vises currently available on the market,
guide tiers through the sometimes
frustrating adjustments needed to use
their rotary vise to the fullest, share
tying tips and tricks for quickly tying
effective flies, and tie 36 flies--for fresh
and saltwater species--with clear
instructions and step-by-step

There is no other book that explains
everything you need to know about
rotary vises and their many
advantages, you will be amazed at how
a rotary vise will improve your fly-tying.

8.5 X 11 Inches, 116 Pages, Full-Color
$24.95 SALE $17.47
Griffin Odyssey Spider
Rotary Vice
This is Griffin's entry-level model to
their family of true rotating vises.  This
Vise meets our high standard of
quality.  The jaw capacity is 28 to 4/0.
Exceptional quality for the price.
Made in the USA.
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Vices & Accesories
Bobbin Threaders
Originally designed to pull thread through
the bobbin tube, this item has many other
duties. For example: pulling rubber legs
through cork bodies or threading back
material through the fly line to insure a
smooth backing to fly line transition.
$4.25  SALE $2.95
Bobbin Cleaner / Threader Kit
This package contains a threader made
of high quality spring steel and two
cleaners.  One cleaner fits the fine-tube
bobbins, while the other cleaner fits all
other bobbins.
$4.25  SALE $2.95
Stainless Steel Bodkin
w/Half Hitch Tool
$3.75  SALE $2.63
Redwood Bodkin
Stainless Needle
$6.75  SALE $4.73
Rotating Hackle Plier
This design allows you flexibility when
wrapping hackle by allowing you to
keep a constant tension while rotating.
The bottom of the hackle pliers is flat,
allowing you to wrap hackle on a
parachute pattern very close to the
shank of the hook. The pliers are
constructed of high quality spring steel
with a rubber pad on the tip for firm
gripping. The handle is constructed of
brass for friction free rotation.
Sold Out
Standard Hackle Plier
These hackle pliers have
the same nose design as
the rotating hackle pliers,
with padded gripping.
$2.49  SALE $1.74
Non-Rotating Whip Finisher
The spring design allows you to
add that extra wrap and still
release the tool easily.
Brass & Stainless Steel

Sold Out
Rotating Whip Finisher
The spring design allows you to
add that extra wrap and still
release the tool easily.
Brass & Stainless Steel
$7.70  SALE $5.39
Rotating Whip Finisher
The spring design allows you to
add that extra wrap and still
release the tool easily.
Stainless Steel
$5.50  SALE $3.85
Rotating Whip Finisher
Redwood Handle
The spring design allows you to
add that extra wrap and still
release the tool easily.
$9.95  SALE $6.97
Dubbing Teaser
This tool allows you to pick out
those fur dubbed bodies to
produce buggier looking nymphs.  
Constructed of a nylon handle and
barbed needle, this tool serves a
variety of uses.
$5.20 SALE $3.64
Dubbing Twister
The weighted dubbing twister
features stainless steel and brass
$3.75  SALE $2.63
Spinning Loop Tool
Weighted for easy use. The unique
spring action allows tyers to
reopen the tool and add more
material. Complete instructions
are included.
$6.75  SALE $4.73
Dubbing brush
This brush makes an easy job of
fluffing streamers or dubbing.
Works faster than a small pick on
large bugs.
Sold Out
Hook & Hackle Gauge
This handy gauge fits most vise stems. To determine hackle size,
simply bend the hackle around the pin at the bottom of the gauge.
The hackle will flare out and the tips will indicate on the curved graph
the correct size hackle. To determine hook size simply place the
hook on the hooks pictured on the gauge. This gauge will rotate
freely on the vise stem so it may be swung out of the way when not in
use. It will correctly identify size 4-22 hackles and 4-16 hook sizes.
$5.55  SALE $3.89
Hair Packer
Made of delrin, this tool is used to compress
spun hair onto the hook. The head contains
four different sized holes that fit over various
sized hooks.
Sold Out
Hair Evener
As popular today as when first introduced,
this model has a knurled base for a sure
grip. Overall length 2 3/4". Funnel length 1
3/4". Funnel opening 5/8".
$8.90   SALE $6.23
Adjustable Hair Evener
Many requests for a hair evener to stack short
coastal deer hair and calf body hair led to this
design. Threaded inserts in the base allow for
adjustments from 1/16" to 1/2", depending
upon hair length. Overall length 2 1/4" to 2 3/4”.
Funnel length 1 3/4".  Funnel opening 5/8".
$12.50  SALE $8.75
Deluxe Fly Tying Tool Assortment
3-1/2" Scissors
Ceramic Bobbin
Bobbin Threader
Rotating Whip Finisher
Rotating Hackle plier
Dubbing Loop Twister
$19.90  SALE $13.93
Complete Fly Tying Tool Assortment
AA Bench Vice
3-1/2" Scissors
Flared Bobbin
Bobbin Threader
Rotating Whip Finisher
Hackle Plier
Hair Stacker
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Head Cement
Dubbing Wax
$3.49  SALE $2.44
Flared Tube Bobbins
Holds most spools from
100YD to 1oz.
$4.90  SALE $3.43
Head Cement Thinner
$4.49   SALE $3.14
Ultra Violet Marker
This marker has both a UV semi-permanent
marker and a blacklite. Adds a spectrum of
light that fish see down deep without
changing the outside appearance. You can
now add UV enhancement to any material or
fly pattern.
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Bead Holder
Coated and cupped ends make easy
work of threading even the smallest
$4.90  SALE $3.43
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