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Variable Speed Rod Dryer
You can dial this dryer from a virtual standstill all the way up to 45 RPM. This
unit comes with a 3' cord, form fitting chuck and one Dryer Support Stand.  
Motor is gear driven 24V D.C  Motor speed from 2 rpm to 45 rpm.  110V
9 RPM Rod Dryer
Perfect for novice and professional Rod Builders.This has a
pricetag that's beyond competitive in this industry without sacrificing
functionality. 110V
3 Rod Dryer
CRB’s Latest addition to it’s best selling Rod Dryers is the new Triple Rod Dryer.
Each unit features an Aluminum Dryer Stand and Support Stand. The drying motors
are mounted at an angle so that all rods are accessible while finishing.  An Absolute
space saver as well as lightweight, weighing 5.23 lbs.

This unit is 18 RPM, 110V
9 & 18 RPM Rod Dryer With Clutch
Variable Speed Rod Dryer With Clutch
The variable speed DCRDS Rod Drying System offers flexibility to rod builders of all experience
and skill levels, while the addition of the clutch allows users to instantly stop the rod from turning
to be precise with the placement of finish. The user-friendly control box will allow you to adjust this
dryer from a virtual standstill, all the way up to 45 RPM—yet stop on a dime at your command.

This unit comes with a 3’ cord, form fitting chuck including clutch, and one Dryer Support Stand.
The Dryer Clutch allows you to stop the rotation of your rod with out
turning off your RDS Dryer. This allows for complete control and
improved finishing during the coating process.
CRB Dryer Clutch
instructions/information .pdf
Click HERE
Equipped with four, 6-RPM motors.
All self-centering chucks with jaw hooks for rubber bands. Four adjustable rod
supports with ball bearing wheels. Features table
or wall-mount option. 110v
220v special order
Pacific Bay 4 Rod Dryer
Vertical Wall Mount 4 Rod Dryer
Ready to step your rod production game up? The new Professional CRB Vertical OEM 4
Rod Drying System will allow you to clear up space in your shop and increase production
immensely. Perfect for repair operations, tackle shops or mass production purposes.

In our stock, we carry this item in only 9RPM 110V. There is an individual on/off switches
for each dryer. It also has an adjustable mounting bracket making installation easy. The
unit also comes completely assembled and is ready to be plugged in and utilized
immediately. Holds 4 rods, has 4 male plugs.  
Wall mounting required.
9 rpm unit
Pacific Bay Rod Dryer RDM-1
9 RPM Motor, Self Centering Chuck, Adjustable rod
stand with ball bearing wheels and locking supports.
Bottle Warmer
Epoxy Bottle Warmer is used to decrease the viscosity of all liquid style epoxy
finishes and glues. This will accommodate up to 32oz kits, and the included
basket allows the warmer to be used with smaller sizes as well.  Just add 2-4
Adjustable temperature knob
Pac Bay
Automatic Epoxy Mixer
100 2oz. Mixing Cups
for Automatic Epoxy Mixers
Epoxy Mixer Cups
Holds 4 rods, wall mounted, suitable for
tackle shop repair operations or stackable
for mass production OEM purposes.
Continuous duty 6 RPM or 18 RPM motor
standard. On-off lights and switches.
6 RPM Dryer

18 RPM Dryer HD **
Allow 7-10 days to ship from Flex Coat
Will accommodate 2oz & 2.5oz mixing cup for larger batches of finish and the
1oz. mixing cup for smaller batches.  The Stand also features a docking
station for your brushes and mixing rod
Includes mixing rod, 5-1.oz cups and 5- 2.5oz cups.    **110v
Rod Dryers and Epoxy Mixers
Automatic Epoxy Mixer
Includes Mixing rod, 5-2.oz cups **110v
Flex Coat Commercial Duty USA MADE Rod Dryer
Flex Coat Slip Clutch
This rod holder replaces the standard chuck
on Flex Coat machines, or any dryer with a
1/4" shaft.  Slip clutch allows you to stop the
rod with your hand without turning off the
motor, to apply finish under guides, etc...
Did you rip the outside rubber piece on your
slip clutch or chuck? Worn out maybe? Get
yourself another. Hole is 13/16" just as the one
that comes with the slip clutch
Want that Diaphragm with the smaller
5/16" hole?  Get one right here!
Self-adjusting chuck securely holds rod
while applying and curing Rod Coat
finish. Fits motors with a 1/4” shaft.
Replacement Motor
Replace your motor
9 RPM 110V