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CRB has revolutionized the hand-wrapper. The unit features a dual spool tensioner and a tension rod
which allows for easy reversing while building. Thread then runs to the slider which can move seamlessly
along the 10" wrapping base. Adjustable stands mounted to the base along with a third stand for
supporting the butt or tip. Added bonus: step by step instruction cards displaying a range of basic
wrapping and advanced decorative techniques.

Assembly instructions for Hand Wrapper below: click
CRB Handwrapper with stand
Variable Speed Rod Dryer
You can dial this dryer from a virtual standstill all the way up to 45 RPM. This
unit comes with a 3' cord, form fitting chuck and one Dryer Support Stand.  
Motor is gear driven 24V D.C  Motor speed from 2 rpm to 45 rpm.  110V
9 RPM Rod Dryer
Perfect for novice and professional Rod Builders.This has a pricetag that's
beyond competitive in this industry without sacrificing functionality. 110V
Spine Finder
Quickly and accurately locate the exact spine of any blank. Just insert blank
and push down on tip. Precision ball bearings, adjustable PVC base
pre-drilled for easy mounting.

Base: 11" x 4" x 3/4"
Tube: 9-1/16" x 1-1/4" I.D.
Overall: 11" x 4" x 7-1/2"
Bottle Warmer
Epoxy Bottle Warmer is used to decrease the viscosity of all liquid style epoxy
finishes and glues. This will accommodate up to 32oz kits, and the included
basket allows the warmer to be used with smaller sizes as well.  Just add 2-4
cups of water to the warmer depending on the size of your epoxy bottles.
Adjustable temperature knob
Handle Clamp
Simply place your rod's butt end in the PVC end cap and stretch the securing disc to the end
of the foregrip or winding check... leave it on your rod to cure overnight for tighter handles!
Aluminum Seat Heavy Duty
The CRB Heavy Duty Reel Seat is a fully machined aluminum seat with a strategic
channel design that secures the reel foot and eliminates wobble, while the recessed
hood includes a reliable delrin O-ring for a durable hold that stands up to the
challenges unique to heavy saltwater applications. Along with steadfast reel security,
the seat's barrel interior is ribbed for a better bond over the rod blank.
Only RED available at this time.  Other HD seats
available in different colors and sizes, click
22 MM
24 MM
CRB 1oz Marbling Pigments
Pigment Kit can be used for tinting, marbling and any other coloring projects using Rod Finish.
Available in 9 highly concentrated pigments: black, blue, red, white, yellow, orange, green, light blue and violet.
These 9 basic colors will let you mix & match to create virtually any color you can imagine.
The opacity is based on concentration and can range from transparent to 100% opaque
The coloring agent is highly concentrated. Use small amounts when mixing.
For larger batches or multiple same color projects, mix coloring agent as directed, store mixed amount and then
add second component of rod finish in the amount you need to finish projects one at a time.
For help with mixing colors, see the color wheel provided in the instructions.  Upon purchase we will send you an
instruction sheet that has a color wheel.
ALL Pigments are $6.95 EACH
Marbling Tray
This mixing palette is ideal for marbling applications. It features a large mixing area and 7 smaller compartments
that can be used to store marbling pigments, glitter, epoxy, rod finish, beads and more.

Sold per 5-pack.
Steel Mandrels
18" Oil hardened steel mandrels with 60° taper in each end for live
center. These mandrels have been designed for use in turning cork
and EVA handles. Now includes a pair of adjustable, removable
collars to secure your handle in place while you shape it.
Rubber Butt Cap 32mm
32mm Butt Cap, Mushroom Style.
ID: 1.26"  OD: 1.65" Height: 2.15"
Advanced Tip Top Glue
Guide Foot Adhesive
Easy to use! Simply heat the guide foot, run the guide foot
across the stick, and affix to the rod. Not only does this simplify
the wrapping process, but it also creates a small barrier
between the guide foot and the rod blank eliminating abrasion.
New and Improved formula, perfect for installing Tip Tops on all
styles of Fishing Rods. The CRB tip cement is the best tip glue
at the best price.
Improved features include: Higher Melting Point, stronger
bonding strength, longer working time.
3ml/cc Disposable Color Coded
Syringes for drawing out your finish.
Sold as a pair. non silicone
3cc Syringe Set CRB
3 CC Syringes
Gaff Hooks, Blanks and Kits
316 Stainless Steel Gaff Hook
Flattened Rear End
Double Cut Razor Sharp Point
Extra Strong Hook
2 Ft Blank for 2" Gaff Hook
6 Ft Blank for 2" Gaff Hook
6 Ft Blank for 3" Gaff Hook
6 Ft Blank for 4" Gaff Hook
Not just a rod blank to stick a hook into, but a heavy, walled handle with a
spiral cut grooves inside the front end to give you a better hold on the
hook.  These E-glass blanks can also be cut to any desired length to
make it perfect for the application you want/need. These blanks are
made to fit CRB Gaff hooks only! Gaff Hooks sold separately above.

For installation help, click on the link below.  .PDF instructions!
Download assembly instructions (PDF)
Gaff Kit 2' Blank 2" Hook
2" Gaff Hook, 1 6" EVA grip and Buttcap
Gaff Kit 6' Blank 2" Hook
2" Gaff Hook, 2 - 10"  EVA grips and Buttcap
Gaff Kit 6' Blank 3" Hook
3" Gaff Hook, 2 - 10"  EVA grips and Buttcap
Gaff Kit 6' Blank 4" Hook
4" Gaff Hook, 2 - 10"  EVA grips and Buttcap
316” Stainless Steel Gaff Hooks along with Handles specifically
made for gaffs.  You can modify and also add your own custom
threadwork if you choose to, to make it your own Custom Gaff!
3 Rod Dryer
CRB’s Latest addition to it’s best selling Rod Dryers is the new Triple Rod Dryer. Each
unit features an Aluminum Dryer Stand and Support Stand. The drying motors are
mounted at an angle so that all rods are accessible while finishing.  An Absolute space
saver as well as lightweight, weighing 5.23 lbs.

This unit is 18 RPM, 110V
Tip Gauge & Sizing Tool
3cc Syringe Set CRB
The CRB gauge is a multi functional tool every rod builder should have.
Sizes most common rod blank tips from 3/64" to 28/64"
Pegs for 3/64" to 28/64", great for measuring spares and confirming tube sizes
Eliminate guesswork with the CRB-exclusive guide measuring area, which allows
builders to size spare or replacement guides in sizes 4mm to 30mm
Features a handy ruler in both Standard and Metric for quick measurements
CRB-exclusive conversion chart imprinted on the back showing MM to 64ths
conversion. Range from 3/64" (1.2mm) to 32/64" (12.7mm)
Guide Bands
Micro Guide Tubing is the fastest and easiest way to hold micro guides in place.

Whether you’re spacing, adjusting, or wrapping micro guides, this tubing features a
superior stretch to work across many different rod blanks, especially in the thinner
diameter areas like the tip. The tight fit and a slim design make wrapping up the guide
foot a breeze.

Simply detach each tube as needed for a quick and convenient application that will
keep your micro guides in place and your work space clutter free.

Each package includes 260 total guide bands.
Temporarily out of stock
Sable Brushes
4-pk of sable brushes for applying finish to your guide wraps.
Includes one each 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 9/16"
Individual Sable Brushes
3/8"   $4.25
1/4"   $3.95
1/2"   $4.75